DIGITAL CAMERAOriginally from Midland, Texas, USA, I lived in Colorado for ten years and then moved to Costa Rica in 1998 to own a dive shop and to raise my two daughters. I love the diving in the Papagayo area and feel pure satisfaction in teaching discover scuba and sharing my passion for diving with new divers and experienced divers as well. I love to dance and go to the local fiestas. I enjoy exploring new places and experiencing the local culture of Costa Rica with my husband and family (dancing, making tamales and looking for rock oysters). PURA VIDA!

I have many favorite fish such as the coronet fish, spadefish, eagle rays, juvenile high hats, mantas…all of the rays. I also have many favorite local dive sites such as Tortuga for the wrecks, Argentina, Virador and Sorpresa…just to name a few. The Wall (La Pared) and Widow Rock (La Viuda) at Catalinas and Los Arcos and Black Rock (Bajo Negro) at Bat Islands (Isla Murcielagos).

“One of the things I LOVE about diving is the weightlessness of being under the water and how we all feel like we are flying, so we jokingly said we were in mermaid school (esquela de las Sirenas).

It’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle. I love it! What suit should I wear today?


One thought on “About Bobbie Jo

  1. The diving and meditating comment is so true !! I feel like it is a piece of heaven on earth without all the noise. You sound as though you speak straight from the heart that is great !! Keep up the good work.

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